Count Basie And His Orchestra 1937/1938

Here's another contribution from Kent - thanks a lot!

This LP unites two broadcasts from 1937 and 1938, respectively. Check the two respective entries for further detail!

01 Moten Swing (Theme) 1:10
02 One O'Clock Jump 4:33
03 Study In Brown 2:50
04 Rhythm In My Nursery Rhymes 2:26
05 John's Idea 4:57
06 Good Morning Blues 2:49
07 Dinah 2:50

Buck Clayton, Ed Lewis, Bobby Hicks, tpts; Benny Morton, Dan Minor, tbns; Earl Warren, as; Jack Washingtn, as, bars; Herschel Evans, Lester Young, cl, ts; Count Basie, p, ld; Freddy Green, g; Eddie Durham, tb, g; Walter Page, b; Jo Jones, d; Jimmy Rushing, voc
"Meadowbrook Ballroom", Cedar Grove, NJ, November 1937

08 One O'Clock Jump (Theme) 2:00
09 Every Tub 3:03
10 Song Of The Wanderer 2:36
11 Flat Foot Floogie 4:33
12 Lady Be Good 3:27
13 Boogie Woogie Blues 3:15
14 One O'Clock Jump (Closing Theme) 6:13

Buck Clayton, Ed Lewis, Harry 'Sweets' Edison, tpts; Dicky Wells, Benny Morton, Dan Minor, tbns; Earl Warren, as; Jack Washingtn, as, bars; Herschel Evans, Lester Young, cl, ts; Count Basie, p, ld; Freddy Green, g; Eddie Durham, tb, g; Walter Page, b; Jo Jones, d; Helen Humes, Jimmy Rushing, voc
"Famous Door", NY, July 1938

Note from Kent: I left the LP quasi intact. If you'd import it to iTunes, you can listen to it in a row. In case you should burn it on CD, chose 0 seconds between the tracks.

mp3@160, VBR-mono

Freddie Webster 1941-1947 (Compilation)

Another contribution from generous Kent, dedicated to trumpet player Freddie Webster.
Read some more here:

Tracks and basic credits:

Earl Hines & His Orchestra, 1941:
01 Windy City Jive 2:52
02 Swingin' On C 3:09
03 Yellow Fire 3:03

Louis Jordan & His Tympani Five, 1941:
04 Brotherly Love 3:00
05 Saxa-Woogie 2:36

Jimmy Lunceford & His Orchestra, 1942:
06 Knock Me A Kiss 3:00
07 Bust Out 1:40

Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra, 1942:
08 I Want A Tall Skinny Papa 2:51
09 Savoy 3:02

Benny Carter & His Orchestra, 1943:
10 Rose Room 3:00
11 Sweet Georgia Brown 2:30

Jimmy Lunceford & His Orchestra, 1944:
12 Yesterdays 5:44
13 Minor Riff 2:49

Miss Rhapsody, 1945:
14 He May Be Your Man 2:56
15 The Night Before Judgement Day 2:53
16 I Fell For You 3:00

Frank Socolow Quintet, 1945:
17 Reverse The Charges 2:49
18 The Man I Love 3:16
19 September In The Rain 2:46

Sarah Vaughan, 1946:
20 If You Could See Me Now 2:50
21 I Can Make You Love Me If You'll Let Me 3:07
22 You're Not The Kind Of A Boy 2:46
23 My Kinda Love 2:38
24 Tenderly (1947) 3:02

Tadd Dameron's Big Ten - Dial "D & T" for "Dameron & Trumpets" - 1949/1953

This is a terrific contribution compiled and shared by Kent - thanks a lot!
This deserves being exposed not only on the main blog but here, too!

I'm a big fan of Tadd Dameron's and have his official releases (the Navarro/Dameron Blue Note 2CD set and all the OJCs), as well as three of those Boris Rose LPs. But I'm no good as far as digitizing vinyl goes, so this is very, very much appreciated!

Some further reading:
AAJ's biography
Part 30 of "Jazzed in Cleveland" by Joe Mosbrook
"I Remember Tadd" by George Ziskind

Tadd Dameron's Big Ten - Dial "D & T" for "Dameron & Trumpets" - 1949/1953

The Fats-Navarro-Sides (1949):
01 Sid's Delight aka Tadd's Delight (studio) 2:53
02 Casbah (Rae Pearl-voc, studio) 2:59

With Miles Davis - Broadcasts from the "Royal Roost":
03 Focus (live) 3:57
04 April In Paris 2:57
05 Good Bait (Take 23) 3:30
06 Webb's Delight aka Tadd's or Sid's Delight 3:44
07 Milé or Miles aka Milano) 3:40
08 Casbah (live) 3:42

With Miles Davis - Studio Date:
09 John's Delight 2:56
10 What's New? (Kay Penton-voc) 2:59
11 Heaven's Doors Are Open Wide (Kay Penton-voc) 3:16
12 Focus (studio) 2:57

Dial "B" For Brownie (1953):
13 Philly J. J. 5:08
14 Choose Now (#1) 4:52
15 Choose Now (#2) 3:25
16 Dial 'B' For Beauty 4:33
17 Theme Of No Repeat 5:19


#1-#2: Fats Navarro (tp) Kai Winding (tb) Sahib Shihab (as) Dexter Gordon (ts) Cecil Payne (bars) Tadd Dameron (p) Curly Russell (b) Kenny Clarke (d) Vidal Balado (cga) Diego Iborra (bgo) Rae Pearl (voc) - NYC, January 18, 1949;

#3-#6: Miles Davis (tp) Kai Winding (tb) Sahib Shihab (as) Benjamin Lundy (ts) Cecil Payne (bars) Tadd Dameron (p) John Collins (g) Curly Russell (b) Kenny Clarke (d) Carlos Vidal (cga), radio broadcast, "Royal Roost" - NYC, February 19, 1949;

#7-#8: Same personnel, radio broadcast, "Royal Roost" - NYC, February 26, 1949;

#9-#12: Miles Davis (tp) J.J. Johnson (tb) Sahib Shihab (as) Benjamin Lundy (ts) Cecil Payne (bars) Tadd Dameron (p, arr) John Collins (g) Curly Russell (b) Kenny Clarke (d) Kay Penton (voc #10 & #11) - NYC, April 19, 1949;

#13-#17: Clifford Brown, Idrees Sulieman (tp) Herb Mullins (tb) Gigi Gryce (as) Benny Golson (ts) Oscar Estell (bars) Tadd Dameron (p, arr) Percy Heath (b) Philly Joe Jones (d) - NYC, June 11, 1953

Count Basie meets the Master Horns - 1936-1953

Another contribution by Kent - here are his comments (originally posted over here):

Hi Ubu,

this is a compilation I've made up myself. So you can't purchase it anywhere. The idea was, to bring several tracks in chronological order which show Count Basie and some of his most illustrious sidemen and one guest you never would think of: Artie Shaw, the king of clarinet!

The tunes on that album stem from three different sources: "Lady Be Good" from 1936 is from Basie's complete Columbia-LP-Box-Set. The one track from 1938 and the tracks from 1944 are from a Hindsight-Lp, which you could find on CD here:

The last two tracks are from a jam session the Count did in 1953 for Norman Granz. That is the only compete LP. The links between the tracks are "Lady Be Good", Artie Shaw and Buddy DeFranco, Lester Young, Stan Getz and Wardell Gray and trumpeter Harry "Sweets" Edison who is soloing on the 1938, 1944 and the 1953 tracks.

Here the tracks & dates:

01 - One O'Clock Jump (Theme)
02 - Lady Be Good - Jones-Smith Inc.
03 - Ev'ry Tub - Lester Young (ts), Harry "Sweets" Edison (tp)
04 - Lady Be Good - Artie Shaw (cl) & Count Basie's Orchestra
05 - Jumpin' At The Woodside - Lester Young & Harry "Sweets" Edison
06 - Bird Calls - Artie Shaw & Count Basie's Rhythm Section
07 - Lady Be Good - All Star Jam
08 - Blues For The Count - All Star Jam


01, 04, 05 & 06 - Count Basie (ld, p), Earle Warren, James Powell, Rudy Rutherford, Eli Thompson (saxes), Ed Lewis, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Al Killian, Joe Newman (tpts), Eli Robinson, Ted Donnelly, Lou Taylor, Dicky Wells (tbns), Artie Shaw (clarinet), Freddie Greene (g), Rodney Richardson (b), Shadow Wilson (d) - 1944;

02 - Count Basie (p), Lester Young (ts), Walter Page (b), Jo Jones (d), Carl Smith (tp) - Chicago, November 9, 1936; - Sorry for my Freudian mistyping on the mp3!

03 - Count Basie & His Orchestra - Lester Young (ts), Harry Sweets Edison (tp), Count Basie, Freddie Greene, Walter Page & Jo Jones = The All American Rhythm Section - Live, 1938;

07 - Count Basie (p), John Simmons (b), Buddy Rich (d), Freddie Greene (g), Stan Getz (ts), Wardell Gray (ts), Harry "Sweets" Edison (tp), Willie Smith (as), Buddy DeFranco (cl) - August 18, 1953;

08 - Count Basie (org), John Simmons (b), Buddy Rich (d), Freddie Greene (g), Benny Carter (as), Buddy DeFranco (cl), Harry "Sweets" Edison (tp), Wardell Gray (ts), Stan Getz (ts) - August 18, 1953;

Note to track #1: at the very ending, during the roaring out chorus, one can hear a clarinet, very loud, very high but in absolute control. Is this Artie Shaw as well? The typical glissandi are there and the tone could also be his. But that kinda dirty playing and singing into the instrument, almost like Benny Goodman ... I don't know, since there's nothing written in the liners.